What is the goal of F3 Classic Tracks?

My goal with F3 Classic Tracks is to recreate F3/FJ cars and tracks from late 50's until late 60's. Always looking for quality and playability.

F3 Classics Tracks Works Plan.

The idea is to create both paid and free content.

Create from the classic circuits to the most unknown ones used at that time

For paid circuits, we will have open free TEST version. Once reached a certain point of development (70/80%), the circuits will be put on the shop and only can be tested by the collaborators .

What is the purpose of the TEST versions?

Allow to test the circuit, its layout,check landscape, and have a basic idea of how it will look, and finally help to decided if it worthwhile to get the PAYWARE version.

What will be the differences between a TEST version and a PAYWARE version?

TEST Version : Beta Track, AI, Cameras, , bumpy roads. Vegetation.

Not advertising, vehicles, crowd, marshalls and any reference to a "race weekend".

Basically difference will be only visual.

Payware : Finished Track.

You will be able to use any of my FREE tracks to check how a finished tracks looks like, plus there will be videos and screenshot of Final Version of a PAYWARE track.


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